Gift Wrapper Plus

Let your customers give your products as gifts — with the most full-featured and configurable gift wrapping plugin for WooCommerce.

The Most Possibilities

The Gift Wrapper plugin allows your customer to add:

  • gift wrap to a WooCommerce order while on the cart and checkout pages
  • gift wrap to a product while on WooCommerce product pages
  • gift wrap to individual items inside the cart while on the cart page
  • an optional note to gift wrap
  • more than one gift wrap to a product

To Wrap or Not to Wrap

Don’t want to wrap the big & heavy items you are selling?

We didn’t think so. Create different wrap sets for different products, and exclude products or entire product categories.Maybe even set a wrapping group to be offered for products and a separate group – perhaps to represent wrap gift notes – to be offered during checkout.

Inventory. Tax. Discount.

Gift Wrapper takes full advantage of the WordPress CMS…

…by setting up Gift Wraps as WooCommerce products (a WordPress post type). As products, the wraps can then be inventoried and separately taxed and charged. This is important for shops which must charge different tax for their product vs. gift wrapping, or who wish to keep track of gift wrap sales.

Perfectly Customizable

Offer wrap or product add-ons as your heart desires!

Gift Wrapper has the most built-in configurations of any gift wrap plugin. It’s fully configurable with a thorough admin option panel, including a text translation editor screen.Even better, it is full of action and filter hooks, CSS tags, and override-able theme templates – making it perfect for customization.

More Features

In Your Language.

Fully internationalized and translatable. WPML compatible, or cheat with our strings “translator” settings page.

Makes Friends.

Compatible with WooCommerce Mix and Match Products, WooCommerce Composite Products (beta), and Elementor. Includes an Elementor Pro widget

Wrap, Two Ways.

When added to a single product, wrap can either appear as product attribute or as separate line item (for separate taxes, inventory etc) in cart.

Set Limits.

Prevent entire categories of product from having gift wrap offered, and/or limit on a per-product basis

Customer Control.

Customers can add, edit, and remove gift wrap to/from products while on the cart page

Stock Control.

Keep stock and record of gift wrap sales. Gift Wrapper obeys WooCommerce “in-stock” and “sell individually” statuses.

Modal Modes.

If using pop-ups, use any of 1500+ possible entrance/exit animations if desired, courtesy animate.css


Sometimes just a simple “add gift wrap for $x” checkbox on product pages, above the Add to Cart button, does the trick.

Gift Wrapper Plus is absolutely the most robust and configurable gift wrapping plugin available for WooCommerce.

We have kept it in active development since 2014 and are very responsive to our customers. We hope you will join us!
  • Current version: 6.0.5
  • WooCommerce 8.1.1 compatible
  • PHP 8.2 compatible

Get started Gift Wrapping!

Choose a license:

  • Purchase includes one year of updates and support
  • After 1 year, renew manually when ready, with 35% discount
  • A lifetime license includes lifetime updates and support
  • 30-day refund – for any reason!

Examples & Demos

A product page, showing the slide-out wrap options (Avada theme)

Product page, showing a modal for gift wrap options instead of a slide-in (Storefront theme)

Wrap is added to an item in the cart, but on its own line so that inventory is kept (Storefront theme)

On the Product Page…

Checkbox above add to cart button allows woo customers to add gift wrap

If you want to keep it simple, allow customers to add wrap with one click. A textarea for a gift note is optional. (Divi theme)

placement of wrap prompt on product page

Product page, showing where the “Add Gift Wrap” prompt can appear, right above the Add to Cart button. It can also appear below the button. (Shopkeeper theme)

when you click add wrap button, modal opens or slideToggle drops down

Product page, after Add Gift Wrap is clicked, options slide down. Or use a pop-up, which often looks better when you have more choices. (Retailer theme)

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