14-day Free Trial now Available

Now that Gift Wrapper Plus version 5.0 has been out a month and is nice and stable, there’s been some time to address requests for a trial version. TL;DR that’s right here: https://www.giftwrapper.app/wordpress-plugins/gift-wrapper-plus-14-day-trial/

The Plus version of Gift Wrapper has many more features than the free version, and beyond that is still very extensible — ripe for customization. Hopefully being able to “test out” the plugin will help users decide. If anything it’s important for many WooCommerce shop owners that product add-ons be inventoried, discounted and taxed separately, and this is something that other similar plugins do not offer. Beyond that, it’s just an easy-to-use and useful plugin for vendors selling gifts or products with add-ons and upsells online.

In order to use the trial version, your server must have ionCube enabled. Most people at this point are familiar with ionCube and this isn’t an issue to accomplish. In fact, many web hosts either already include ionCube or allow it to be turned on with a button in their control panel. Not a big deal, but not having ionCube IS a deal-breaker, because without it the trial copy won’t work.

On this end, when you “purchase” a trial version (for $0.00), a 14-day ionCube license file is automatically added to your Gift Wrapper download ZIP file. If you’ve been daunted by ionCubed software installation in the past because of license file complexities, no worries here. No further effort is required on your part to install the ionCube license file and get things going — just install the plugin as usual. Have fun trying it out, and remember, documentation is here: https://www.giftwrapper.app/documentation/.

Thanks and take care!

In case you’re here because you’re curious about using ionCube encoding and licensing software sold on Easy Digital Downloads, check out a little WordPress plugin called Lion Cub written just for that. Lion Cub passes standard commands to an ionCube make_license executable, but can also pass customer data (name, email, time, date) so you can customize headers and properties if desired.

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