Custom WooCommerce Mini Cart Drawers

Heya! Here to talk about a feature that more and more vendors are using: cart drawers! What’s a cart drawer?

Well, if you’ve ever shopped at or and a multitude of other major websites, you’ve had a cart drawer slide out at you from the right side of the screen. It’s usually an off-canvas slide-in, sometimes a modal window. It generally ensures the cart is always visible especially after a product is added, often right on top of the product screen. Great. It’s usually a great user experience.

Only problem is, WooCommerce offers no such thing in their core, nor do they offer it as an extension. Thereby we have not developed for it. Unfortunately, our gift wrap prompts will not show in any cart drawers. If it were core or offered by WooCommerce as an add-on, we would develop for it and it would be supported. However, it is currently only a feature of various third-party plugins and some themes.

There are certainly some standout plugins and themes amongst those offering cart drawers, and we might like to build compatibility with more popular ones. If you desire to have gift wrapping offered inside a cart drawer, please get in touch, we can negotiate work on a custom project for you. Otherwise, another option is to hook Gift Wrapper functions by adding standard WooCommerce hooks into your cart-drawered plugin or theme.